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                                                    While I strive to provide the best, 

                                                    full feature apps, I sometimes

                                                    overlook a new feature that would be helpful, or miss a bug that causes havoc.  In either case, I would really like to hear from you at  Apps (at)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the apps.

"Conservation thru Education"

Privacy Policy

We do not collect, store or share any personal information. 

We may recieve non-identifiable data such ascrash logs if your app shouldcrash, and only with details that caused the crash. This isused to improve the user experience by making upgrade to the app.

We do not collect, store or share your location.

We do not allow companies (such as advertising) to collect data through our apps or website.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us .

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