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Some crazy facts about Octopuses

Octopuses, not Octopi

The world "octopus" comes from the Greek, októpus, meaning "eight foot." The word’s Greek roots means it’s pluralized as a Greek word, too, which depends on both a noun’s gender and the last letter it ends with. In this case, an -es is simply tacked on.

Short lived

Male octopus will die few months after mating. Female will survive until her eggs hatch. She will die of starvation, because she will not eat three months (time needed for eggs to hatch). Average life span is 3 to 5 years, with the shorted being several months.

My childhood friend was a plankton

Female lay up to 150 000 eggs in a week. After hatching, small octopuses will float short period of time with plankton and then swim back to the bottom of the sea.

Biggest and smallest

The smallest goes to the Octopus Wolfi, which is half an inch long and weighs 1 gram. The longest armspan of any octopus on record is of the Enteroctopus dofleini, or Giant Pacific octopus, which measured a whopping 9 meters long!

3 hearts

Two of their hearts pumps blood through each of the two gills, while the third heart pumps blood through the body.


Yes, every octopus is venomous, but only the Blue ring octopus is potent enough to kill a human. If fact, if bitten, humans would be paralized within minutes.

Eyes R Us

Octopuses have horizontal shaped eyes that can rotate. As a result, regardless of the position of the octpus, their eyes will always be horizontal. They are nearsighted and can’t see much past 8 feet, they do not have a blind spot

Einstein of the invetebrates

Only mammals and birds have more complex brains than that of the octopus. Octopuses have excellent memories, have played with objects, unscrewed jars to get to the crab inside. Their brain has folds, another indication of complexity. They can be left-eyed or right-eyed like in humans with their hand preferences.

Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo octopus is a type of octopus named after Walt Disney's famous character Dumbo the elephant because of the ear-like fins. There are around 37 different species of dumbo octopuses. These interesting animals can be found in all oceans of the world. They are rarely seen because they are living on the bottom of the sea on a depth ranging from 1 300 to 23 000 feet. Dumbo octopus has soft, head-shaped body with 8 arms. They are connected with each other via thin flaps of the skin. Two ear-like fins are positioned on both sides of the "head" which is used to propel themselves.

No skeletons in the closet

With no internal or external skeleton, octopuses are able to squeeze into (and out of) tight places to escape their predators. Their only limitation is the size of their beak, which is the only hard object of an octopus.

Shape shifters

We are all aware that Octopuses can change their color and skin texture to match thier surroundings, but the mimic octopus goes one step further. They can actually alter the shape of their body to mimic another specie.

Blue blood

No, not the TV show, but octopuses really do have blue blood.

More than just a sucker

The 1,600 suction cups found in the arms are not just tactile organs, but can also smell.


As octopuses have been on earth for about 286 million years, and as stated above, the average lifespan is only 3-5 years, this fact limits their ability to collect information. As a result, some scientists believe that if octopuses were able to live longer, they would have become the dominant intelligence on Earth.

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